What should I expect from a session?


What should I expect from a session?

READINGS Via Zoom (unless otherwise arranged by email)

At the beginning of a reading, Susanne will briefly ask you to outline what areas of guidance you wish to focus on. This may be in any area of your life, including health, finance, relationships or career. Susanne will pass on information she receives from the divine in the form of pictures and words, endeavoring to provide clarity for your direction. Susanne also works as a Medical Intuitive, (this is not a replacement for regular consultations with your doctor).  Opportunity will be given to ask questions near the end. Remember what is seen at the time is a snapshot of your current situation. As you grow and change, so can your future.  

If there are underlying reoccurring issues, you may wish to consider a healing session first. Readings offer guidance, insight and wisdom. All readings aim to be directional but may also be a healing experience.

Appointments can be amended by the client through the website.

If dates/times unavailable in your country, email susannemorning@gmail.com

HEALINGS Via Zoom (unless otherwise arranged by email)

Healing sessions embrace a holistic approach that works collectively on mind, body, spirit and emotions. During the healing session it is advisable to lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. The session scans across past lives, ancestral/family patterns and your current life. Often, we are blocked in ways we don’t understand and in patterns we keep repeating. This impacts on our relationships, finances and careers as well as our physical and mental health.

During the session, Susanne will channel energy to the parts of you that require healing.  Energy can be transmitted as frequencies of light or sound. The session may include mediumship guidance and medical intuition. Divine energy is a gentle yet powerful mode of delivery that allows us to reach our potential and find peace.  

Susanne will arrange a brief “check in” session with you a few days after the session. If you need immediate help, the following numbers are listed below for 24/7 access.

Sessions are via zoom unless otherwise arranged by email.  Remote sessions are easy and effective. Distance is not an issue in the spiritual realm.

If dates/times unavailable in your country, email susannemorning@gmail.com

Clinic is located in Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand.

Susanne is available by phone for a quick pre-consultation chat if you have any questions ph 027 3366988.


Heal trauma without retelling the story

Shift grief

Shift blocks in any area of your life

Break ancestral patterns

Emotional healing

Physical healing

Divine healing can bring hope, healing and restoration. It is a co-operative process.

If a healing session unlocks serious issues and you require immediate professional help (New Zealand), please contact one of the agencies below:

Lifeline 24/7 Helpline 0800 543 354

Mental Health Foundation NZ 0800 111 757 or text 4202

Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508 828 865



Check your technology is up and running.  During the session, it is recommended you lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Sessions via Zoom may be recorded at your request or you may wish to have pen and paper handy to take notes.


It is recommended after a session that you remain hydrated and rest if possible.  Emotions may surface as the healing process continues. Be kind to yourself and take things more slowly.

Rescheduling/Cancelled/Missed Appointments

Rescheduling of appointments can be done online. Please click here  and change/cancel your appointment under “My Appointments” tab after entering a confirmation code.

48 hours notice is required for a cancellation. Please note, no refunds will be given for a missed appointment or cancellation outside this timeframe.


Payment is in NZ dollars and is required on making a booking. Click here for currency conversion.


Our online booking system, will convert your appointment to the time you have programmed on your computer or device. Susanne is based in Auckland, New Zealand. If you need to know the time difference, here is a time converter. Please click here.

Healing or Reading Session – $125/hour, includes a follow up text and recording.



Hutia te rito o te harakeke. Kei hea te komako, e ko? Ki mai ki ahau, he aha te mea nui o te ao? Maku e ki atu He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

Maori proverb

Pluck the heart from the flax bush – where will the bellbird be? Ask me, what is the most important thing in the world? I will reply, it is people, it is people, it is people.